We’re thrilled to share our program plan for 2024 Cusco hubs taking place on these dates:

  • August 11 – 25, 2024 (two weeks): $785
  • September 1 – 29, 2024 (four weeks): $1,585

While some activities are led by our Hub Manager and Facilitator, hired and trained by Deliberate Detour, we also bring in experts from the local community and from indigenous groups to lend richness to our programs. As with all of our hubs, our calendar includes:

  • hands-on culinary workshops
  • craft and art workshops
  • interactive history talks
  • walks around the city
  • a day of service with preparation and reflection
  • a Welcome Gathering the night befoe the hub begins
  • a Farewell Expo, where participants share their learning

Friday Field Trips are optional and have an additional cost.


HONORING AGES As you review our activities in the charts below, please know that, throughout the program, groups may split up in mixed-age cohorts and in older/younger configurations. Hub staff are invited to be nimble once they know the participants, their needs, and interests.

REMAINING FLEXIBLE The timing of activities will change over the coming months and possibly during the hubs themselves depending on group dynamics and interests, vendor changes, and other unforeseen circumstances.

COMMUNICATING WELL Thursday Briefings will keep parents informed of what to expect the following week. Those joining Friday Field trips the following day will receive logistical information they need about where to meet, what to bring, and more.

VALUING IMMERSION While we have a lovely, safe space in which to meet and unwind every day, we’ll leave the hub for activities. These outings are implicit in the schedules below.

ILLUMINATING LEARNING You’ll see mention of the Farewell Expo below. This vital component of the program invites each child to share what caught their interest in whatever way suits them. We might see a dance or poetry performance, a skit, a cooking demo, or an art piece shared at our Farewell Expo.


August 11-25, 2024

Details are subject to change







Welcome & Teambuilding

Neighborhood Walk: Plaza de Armas & Temple of the Sun

Toritos de Pucara Painting

Cusco Planetarium

Volunteer Day & Peruvian Peer Meet-Up at Corason Verde Volunteer Day Debrief. Game Morning.

Museo Inka with Historian

Ensifera Ensifera Hummingbird Sanctuary & Urubamba (optional)


Neighborhood Walk

Chocolate Workshop

Andean Instrument Workshop

Mercado San Blas or Amazonian Art Gallery

Games & Farewell Expo Prep

Indigenous Medicinal Plant Workshop

 Pachamama Ceremony

Farewell Expo & Certification Party

Museo Inkariy & Ollantaytambo

To Machu Picchu! (optional)


September 1-29, 2024

Details are subject to change







Welcome & Teambuilding

Neighborhood Walk: Plaza de Armas & Temple of the Sun

Toritos de Pucara Painting

Cristo Blanco Walk

Andean Music Instruments

San Pedro Market Visit

Tropical Fruit Tasting

Neighborhood Walk: Inca Streets

Ensifera Ensifera Hummingbird Sanctuary & Urubamba (optional)


Teambuilding & Game Morning

Natural Dye Workshop

Cooking: Chicha Morada & Andean Rice Pudding

Mirador San Blas

Volunteer Day & Peruvian Peer Meet-Up at Corason Verde Volunteer Day Debrief

Inka Museum with Historian

3 Inca Sites: Chinchero, Maras, & Moray (optional)


Farewell Expo Prep

Clay & Ceramic Workshop

Culinary Workshop: Causa Limena

Neighborhood Walk: Cucharitas Ice Cream

History Talk: Traditional Mask Making

Cusco Planetarium

Salsa Lesson

San Blas Market or Amazonian Art Gallery

Museo Inkariy & Ollantaytambo plus Machu Picchu! (optional)


Farewell Expo Prep

Cacao Workshop

Traditional Medicinal Plants Workshop

Museo Casa Concha & Qoricancha

Farewell Expo Prep

Sapantiana Colonial Aquaduct

Pachamama Ceremony

Farewell Expo & Final Certification Party

Andean Village Visit & ATV Experience (optional)



We’re thrilled to welcome up to 16 children aged 7 to 16. Enroll today and begin your journey to the land of the Incas.



Volunteer Day

The group spends one full day volunteering. They prepare in Morning Circle and debrief and reflect during Closing Circle. Each hub participant chooses between one of two sites.

Corason Verde: By planting seedlings or preparing soil, our group will help Corason Verde reach its mission to plant 50,000 trees by 2026!

Soy Callejitos: Our group will help in the care of some of Soy Callejitos 120 rescued street dogs by walking or socializing the animals or helping clean their enclosures.

Farewell Expo

Each Deliberate Detour participants exhibit their learning in the way that suits them best. Each child chooses a topic that inspires them; it may be the Inca kings, Peruvian cuisine, or weaving traditions, and they create a project to display during the Farewell Expo. A child may perform a skit, create a brochure, or prepare a treat for example! Hub staff support each participant in creating and developing their project.

Play and Teambuilding

Sprinkled throughout the schedule are game days and teambuilding activities. We also plan numerous opportunities to play in public parks, people watch in squares, or meander with a fresh juice or ice cream. Parents are often invited to join in these types of experiences.



We honor the developmental and interest-based differences between older and younger participants. Within the activities noted on these calendars, we’ll create two groups based on age, with 7-11 or 12 year-olds splitting off from 12 or 13 to 16 year-olds from time to time. In addition:


  • Enjoy more park and playground visits
  • Receive lessons from experts and historians in age-appropriate ways
  • Enjoy parent inclusion in several activities each session, if desired by the family
  • Settle into each day with parent support during a 30 minute drop-off window
  • Engage in volunteer activities that feel nurturing and positive during Volunteer Day


  • Make deeper dives into a topic of interest in preparation for our final family gathering, the Farewell Expo
  • Are supported in exploration of their topic as older learners requiring different resources
  • Engage in more involved volunteer jobs during Volunteer Day
  • Enjoy more frequent walks around the city with an adult staff member to get a snack or spend time in a public square or park
  • Serve as chaperones with younger children on community walks


Considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu does not disappoint. Hidden high in the mountains of the Sacred Valley for centuries, Machu Picchu remained undiscovered and untouched by Spanish conquistadors. While now a well-visited destination, Machu Picchu retains quiet corners, majestic views, and a bit of mystery as it sits between cloud-shrouded peaks.

Deliberate Detour families can add on an overnight trip to this magnificent Incan city. Traveling with a reputable tour provider, we take a train to Aguas Calientes, spend one night together in a hotel, embark to Machu Picchu the following morning in a shuttle bus, and spend the day wandering and marveling with a knowledgeable English-speaking guide.

Fancy a hike instead? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do! Pricing information and details to come.


We’re ready to welcome your family to Peru! Choose our two-week program (August 11-25) our four-week program (September 1-29), and get excited to explore this remarkable country in community.