Worldschooling families employ all sorts of educational modalities for their children. They might keep pace with their child’s peers at home by purchasing curricula or bringing along workbooks aligned with their child’s grade level. Some piece together learning with lessons from Outschool or Khan Academy, building upon those with readings or writing prompts. Other families lean on self-directed learning approaches, where a child’s interests and motivations dictate learning. Still others enroll their children in schools internationally, whether at a rigorous International Baccalaureate institution, an alternative school, or anything in between.

Deliberate Detour Worldschooling Hubs provide experiential learning opportunities and do not rely on any specific pedagogy or methodology. While we may reflect on an outing or field trip experience with a conversation back at the hub space, we do not strive to cement learning through essay writing or article reading. Parents should not expect that the child keep pace with peers at home, advance in reading, writing, or math, or move to another grade level as a result of participation in our hub. We provide real-world experiences that intersect with geology, geography, history, social sciences, and possibly religious studies, augmenting other homeschooling choices families have made.

We have a whole page on this site that describes worldschooling and offers resources for further reading, which you can access here.