We insert this question in the spirit of transparency, as we’ve been there. We’ve been traveling parents searching for ways to connect with like-minded adults and for our children to create relationships with peers. Our dollars (pounds, soles, euros) have had to last us months if not years, and the costs of our worldschooling hub experiences have mattered.

If you’ve looked around, you’ve noticed that worldschooling hub fees are all over the map. Hub leaders consider many of the same costs but do so in various countries, where the standard of living, rates of inflation, minimum wages, food costs, and more can differ dramatically. You’ll notice Deliberate Detour sets different fees based on our worldschooling countries.

Savvy parents understand that Deliberate Detour pays for supplies, rent, furnishings, food, transportation, guides, entrances, Hub Guide wages, and more. What might not be obvious are some of these costs: Hub Developer staff in each country to design and produce exceptional programming; an advisory team including a finance specialist, a marketing expert, and an accountant; web development fees including payment processing charges, form plug-ins, and more; attorney fees to operate as a Limited Liability Corporation in the state of Oregon, USA; insurance; and language teachers, to name a few of our expenses.

We strive to be affordable to many families, not astronomical. We strive to support our business so it has what it needs to function efficiently and effectively. We strive to support our team of Hub staff, drivers, guides, and cooks in Cusco, Oaxaca, and Antigua– and future possible hub sites– with solid, respectable wages. And we strive, when we operate stably in the black, to offer scholarships.