We best serve:

  • The Dabblers: Families considering long-term travel may test the waters, executing a shorter adventure before arranging something longer-term. Often these families seek a community to tap into and time with more experienced worldschoolers who can offer advice.
  • The Short-timers. These families have a set amount of time to travel: three months, six months, or one year. They plan their itinerary to fit in everything they want to see before heading back to home life and often schedule in a worldschooling hub to anchor their time away.
  • The Newcomers: Newer worldschoolers who envision a long (or permanent) amount of time away from home benefit from connecting with more experienced worldschoolers who may answer questions about education, pace of travel, and more.
  • The Experienced: More experienced worldschooling families sometimes notice that their children need to slow down or that they long for more enduring peer relationships. Deliberate Detour Hubs may meet these desires.
  • The Sapped: A family at any stage may feel sapped or drained! Families who need someone else to do the planning for a change… parents who need time apart from your children, we got you.

While your family may fall into one of these groups, our participants thrive when all of us– staff, parents, and children– share the same expectations. We’ve articulated our ideas on a good fit on the website here.