We’re honored to join a small but growing global community of worldschooling hubs. We know, have met, and have talked with leaders of the Luxor Learning Hub, Worldschooling Pop-up Hubs, Wild Life Worldschool, Bansko Worldschooling Hub, the Hive Adventure, and more, and we have vast amounts of respect for each. All hubs contribute differently to the burgeoning worldschooling community and harness the gifts in our particular communities.

Deliberate Detour focuses on what we value most: cultural immersion. Our hubs draw together the elements that feed our souls: walks past gorgeous murals or ancient ruins, hands-on exploration of traditional craft, culinary discoveries through cooking, stories from history, market visits and fruit tasting, and so much more.

Our participating families travel the world because they love the richness of cultures all over the planet, find other ways of life fascinating, strive to absorb the beauty of these places, and dream of showing their children these gifts. They understand that immersive travel changes lives by opening minds, dismantling stereotypes, and creating respect… all critical for a more peaceful planet. Read more about our hubs here.