We welcome children ages 7 through 16 in our hubs, and we do acknowledge the value multi-age groups have in creating compassion, connection, and understanding of different abilities and needs. However, we also know that a mature teenager might desire and thrive with additional responsibilities while a younger child might have their own desires. While we keep the entire group together often, throughout the week, participants age 7 to 11 and 12 to 16 might break off for their own experiences

Participants will experience all hub activities led by local experts. On top of these,
  • Enjoy more park and playground visits
  • Receive lessons from experts and historians in age-appropriate ways
  • Settle into each day with parent support during a 30 minute drop-off window
  • Engage in volunteer activities that feel nurturing and positive during Volunteer Day
  • Make deeper dives into a topic of interest in preparation for our final family gathering, the Farewell Expo
  • Are supported in exploration of their topic as older learners requiring different resources
  • Engage in more involved volunteer jobs during Volunteer Day
  • Receive a curated resource guide for other volunteer opportunities for teens
  • Enjoy more frequent walks around the city with an adult staff member to get a snack or spend time in a public square or park
  • Serve as chaperones with younger children on community walks