Deliberate Detour Worldschooling Hubs are lovingly organized by worldschoolers for worldschoolers. We know that you may seek socialization for your children, adults to commiserate with, or groups of like-minded people with whom to explore new cities. Perhaps you seek personal time for work or exploration or a break from all of the travel planning. Maybe you’re new to the worldschooling lifestyle and are testing the waters with one adventure.

We meet these needs!

And not only that, but we alter the lives of child participants. Because at Deliberate Detour Worldschooling Hubs, we engender the grand prize of world travel, those profound opportunities for personal growth: We open minds, expand global perspectives, generate respect and admiration for different ways of life, mitigate fears and build adaptability, create possibilities, develop confidence, and fuel curiosity.


Hub pricing differs from country to country because in-country costs vary. To see current prices for the Standard Package and Add-ons, please visit the country you’re interested in: Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru.

The Standard Hub Package fee includes 4 days of programming each week for 4 weeks:


  • 16 culturally-rich days in and around the hub space, about 5 hours each
  • All transportation for 16 days of activities
  • Vegetarian lunch 4 days per week
  • Healthy fruit snacks 4 days per week
  • Two highly-qualified, bilingual Hub staff members
  • Skilled local instructors for hands-on activities like crafting, cooking lessons, and history talks
  • All materials and supplies
  • A contribution to a selected NGO/non-profit partner


  • Friday Field Trips to major historical, archeological, or cultural sites
  • One-on-one language tutoring for 4, 6, or 8 hours per week


  • Accommodation
  • Airfare to the hub city
  • Transportation to and from the hub space
  • Any meals apart from above
  • Personal travel planning


Each of our hubs in every country brings together a range of activities that support cultural immersion and empathy building. All hubs include:

  • hands-on culinary workshops
  • craft and art workshops
  • interactive history talks
  • walks around the city
  • a day of service with preparation and reflection
  • a Welcome Gathering the night befoe the hub begins
  • a Farewell Expo, where participants share their learning

Our 2024 program calendar is set for Oaxaca, Mexico hubs. Click here to access Mexico details!

Our 2024 Cusco, Peru hub has activities set! Click here for details on Peru.



We behave responsibly, striving for a positive impact on environments and communities.


 We value free time for play, relationship-building, and personal exploration every day


We engage meaningfully with local people to enhance our learning and broaden our perspectives


We offer experiential education opportunities tied to the culture and history of the place


We make space for serendipitous experiences, knowing that flexibility in travel can lead to adventure


We build community between traveling families to enrich all of our lives


We wholeheartedly encourage all kinds of families with all kinds of children to enroll in our hubs. As worldschoolers, we cross our national borders expressly to engage with and learn from people who are different from us. We understand that new ideas, varying perspectives, and different priorities enrich our lives and open our minds. As such, we hope to include diverse thoughts, lifestyles, abilities, and family configurations to each worldschool hub.

That said, we have a vibe. And we invite you to consider if you want to be a part of this vibe, or if you desire something different. Read on to see if we’re a match.



  • Join the hub with open minds, eager to learn about culture and customs
  • Participate in activities to the best of their abilities, following directions given by educators
  • Ask an adult first before leaving an activity if they’re unable to focus for the duration
  • Follow instructions when exploring places outside of the hub space, remaining with the group, and adhering to safety expectations
  • Respect spaces and properties, listening when asked not to climb, sit, or touch things within their environments 
  • Collaborate with hub peers and adults, showing a commitment to addressing and resolving conflict
  • Appreciate difference in all of its forms, demonstrating curiosity about other ways of life


  • Respect the care, love, and hard work that multiple adults have put into curating hub experiences
  • Encourage their children to participate in Deliberate Detour Hub activities, meals, and outings
  • Understand that, while exceptions and exemptions will be heard with a positive mindset, they may not always be met
  • Calibrate expectations to meet the norm in the culture, where definitions of punctuality, cleanliness, and more may differ
  • Notice the privilege we carry with us and accept that what we’re used to–like hot water, strong internet, sidewalks, soft mattresses– may not be available
  • Know that Deliberate Detour is not providing a luxury experience but, rather, an immersive, culturally-rich opportunity financially accessible to many traveling families
  • Believe that Deliberate Detour has their child’s best interest, safety, and learning in mind


What Are We Not? We are not a school. Our hubs do not replace traditional school. We do not incorporate reading, writing, or math, nor do we provide formal lessons in academic content. We are not able to support homeschooling needs (like helping a child log on to an online class) during hub time.

What Are We?

  • We provide opportunities to learn through experience, to make real what might only be available in books. We focus on history and culture in all of its forms: art, craft, textile, cuisine, social structures, and indigenous beliefs. We use all five senses to learn.
  • We behave like summer camp. We play, explore, create, and laugh together, and sometimes, an expert teaches us something fascinating. Our explorations focus on the country, its people, history, and culture.
  • We support personal growth by challenging children to notice and embrace difference, collaborate, develop grit, communicate and listen attentively, practice patience, and build global perspectives that include curiosity, creativity, and respect.
  • We offer some structure and some space for play. We believe that freedom to play and explore should be a part of every child’s day, and we also believe that adult-curated activities can have meaning and impact.


Visit our country pages


New to the concept? We’ve put together some resources to help you learn about this rapidly growing community of traveling families.